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Thursday, December 16, 2010

lcha dodi

12 teves 5770
Dec 29, 2009

The birds of sorrow sing balads of joy,
The wingless eagles dance with that little boy (moshe holtzberg),
As the sky turns purple, a magical shade,
The darkness of night have begun to fade.

She’s my queen. She’s my doll,
My pet, my love, my wondrous all.
Without Her, I’m a lifeless shell,
It’s only her that knows me so well.

Once a week I host her with glory,
Every moment’s like a wondrous story,
My taste of heaven, our  smell of eden,
Just as we smile, once again she’s leavin’.

Ever tantalizing that awesome feel,
As the folds of black begin to peel,
The brightest pure is seconds away,
It’s time my brothers, to call her name:
“l’cha dodi likras kalla…..”

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