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Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 adar 3

True that the mists unite & bring forth blessing.
How awesome, that of the most intangible material,
Is the life force for all that is physical,
 Of that which has no shape, is the blood of all growth.
Growth of vegetation, growth of desire,
Growth of life, growth of love.

And what, pray tell, makes up this blue-ish life syrup?
But air, air, $ a little drop of air.
From absolute nothingness comes forth all life.

Life. Life connotes movement.
 But does this wellspring of fluidity really move on its own?
No! without wind, without the current,
It would be as still as glass, just a reflection;
Rather than changing the course of the earth.

  But it is specifically this, which all elements must unite for to create the wind, that fluid movement of which defines life.

Water. Eemingly intangible. Clear. Made from the nothingness of air,
With the balancing act of the 4 essential ingredients, of which spark life on our lone gem of our galaxy.

Tis in this that we have insight as to how the Master Architect, the Ringmaster of the circus we’ve dubbed “universe”, the Author of the tale called “life”, how, just how all of this fa├žade of self- sustainment could be so sustained by the nothingness, the “ayin”, the emptiness of which is all just apart a piece, an emanation of…. Him.

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