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Thursday, December 9, 2010

for a loved one lost...

19 teves:
Death’s dew drips off her lips, as her last breath escapes.
 Her reflection fades, the lack of her roar deafens as I cry oceans in the wake of her passing.
As her candle flickers out,
& her flame soars,
Finally free of its earthly shackles;

I should be rejoicing over her breacking of bondage,
I ought to be smiling for her rediscovered light.
But I weep, sob & wail like a spoiled prince,
Only selfishly feeling the hole in MY world,
The fresh void, that rips through my heart & soul, like one.
I’m blinded by the mountains of grief in my path,
The falsity of this realm,
All the more real to me.

I find my voice,
my voice to acknowledge
, my voice of tranquility,
A voice which is not really mine at all,
Rather a voice embodied by the pain of millions of tears from a Father,
Now reunited with His daughter
Whilst all the while feeling the pain of those who lost her.
With this cry, with this shout, I solemnly utter & declare “Yisgadal V’yiskadesh…..”

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