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Thursday, December 9, 2010

by a friend and i.

one. & e.s.s.
To the one the only true believer,
The one who believes in us all,
The Father who wishes His children only to succeed
& cries rivers when we don’t.

And the magic of the wind
Through the trees,
That song,
Sweet sound.
My eyes are islands on which I am alone in peace
In solitude.
In strength.
In the roar of my inner lioness.
I see a lion looking back at me in the mirror,
Beckoning a hidden strength,
The hidden strength of yesterday,
Of yesteryear,
Of me,
Of you.
I see her,
The girl formed by the imagination of the clouds.

To the one, the only true believer,
To our Father in heaven
& His rep here on earth.
I love you.
More than words describe.
Beyond the capacity of the emotions you created.

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