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Thursday, December 16, 2010

from my dear friend, Yehuda Welton

Sometime b4 10 cheshvan:
"… As all the confusions swirl through my mind,
One candle in the middle,
A steady calm in the eye of the storm,
One light finally becomes clear,
“ faran a eibishter in velt”
& His will is that we accept good news & bad with joy.
It is in this,
His secret,
The pearl of truth, to survive the dark, & difficult times.
For  joy- “simcha” breaks through all restraints,
Even those of a hospital bed,
& (especially) those of your souls restraint; the body.

So, with joy we breathe,
With joy we must pray,
With joy we must cry,
with this our dream will never die.
For the ilui nishmas of chanan velvel simcha ben breina."

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