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Thursday, December 16, 2010

bila maves. the end of death.

7th night chanukah
Dec. 7 2010
30th kislev 5771:
When all the roses are dry,
When people forget how to cry,
When the the mercy of man dries up,
This is the day I no longer wish to have a name.

When my father’s smile no longer shows,
When the laughter of children no longer snow,
In the end of days, by the completion of time,
When the river has flowed its last,
This day I abdicate from life.

In the world of truth,,
There is no room for wars,
No room for conceit, hate, or self,
Only one.
Only the only truth will be visible.
 The magnificence of life will be smelt
& dealt a righteous hand to the fog of death:
“Bila hamaves lanezach”

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